Mastering the Art of Vacation Rental Hosting in Avalon

Mastering the Art of Vacation Rental Hosting in Avalon

About 114.6 million people visited New Jersey in a single year. There are plenty of opportunities for you to attract guests to your vacation property! If you're not mastering the art of vacation rental hosting, however, they won't come back.

Here are a few tips you can use to excel at being a good host. With these tips, you can wow guests to increase bookings. Maximize your profits today!

Research Avalon Real Estate

Before using the rest of these tips, research other Avalon vacation properties. Learning more about Avalon real estate trends can give you a competitive advantage. What are these vacation rental properties offering that your rental doesn't?

Look for ways to go above and beyond. Meet and exceed each guest's expectations.

Your research will help you set fair rental pricing. If you overcharge guests, they won't consider staying. Some may even leave negative reviews.

Negative reviews will impact your ability to generate bookings later. However, you also don't want to undercharge and lose money.

Over 90% of people read reviews to determine the quality of a business. Another 72% won't take action until they've read multiple reviews.

Consider working with a short-term property management company. They'll help you complete a pricing analysis to ensure you don't overcharge.

Update Rental Platforms

Update your vacation property listing on online vacation rental platforms. Make sure each listing features:

  • A compelling headline
  • Eye-catching photos and videos
  • A thorough description of the property
  • A list of special features and amenities
  • The price

To wow potential guests, paint a picture. Help them imagine their stay in your vacation property.

Being a Good Host

Make life as easy as possible for your guests. Start by simplifying the check-in process. You can use an online portal and smart home technology to make check-ins easy.

An online portal will make communicating with guests easier. Remain available to answer their questions. Always be professional and kind when responding to their inquiries.

Provide essential items for your guests upon their arrival. For example:

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Soap
  • Extra linens
  • Extra towels
  • Bottles of water
  • Snacks

Consider who your guests are to appeal to their distinct needs. For example, you can leave video games and kid-friendly snacks for families. Business professionals may prefer a coffee machine.

Rely on Short-Term Property Management

To excel as a host, consider hiring a short-term property management company. Look for a full-service company that can handle:

  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance and inspections
  • Marketing
  • Booking coordination

Their range of services will save you time and money. Choose a company with years of experience hosting short-term rentals. They'll use proven strategies to help you maximize your profitability.

Master the Art of Vacation Rental Hosting

Want to know the real secret to mastering the art of vacation rental hosting? Don't do it alone. Instead, hire a short-term property management company.

PMI Saltwater has over 20 years of industry experience. We use proven strategies and state-of-the-art technology to help clients maximize their earning potential.

We can help you generate more bookings. Contact us today to request our management services!